The latest in high performance computing for graphical and non-graphical applications - get a personal supercomputer utilising Nvidia's Tesla and GRID hardware from BEKServer for short and long term usage.

GPU Servers

GRID graphics boards are designed specifically for the data center. They have an optimized multi-GPU design that helps maximize user density and are designed to provide data center-class power efficiency, including the revolutionary new streaming “SMX” multiprocessor.

Working closely with leading server vendors such as Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, and SuperMicro ensures GRID cards perform 24/7 for the life of the system.


Solve your most demanding High-Performance Computing (HPC) challenges with NVIDIA Tesla family of GPUs. They’re built on the NVIDIA KeplerT compute architecture and powered by NVIDIA CUDA®, the world’s most pervasive parallel computing model. This makes them ideal for delivering record acceleration and more efficient compute performance for big data applications in fields including seismic processing; computational biology and chemistry; weather and climate modeling; image, video and signal processing; computational finance, computational physics; CAE and CFD; and data analytics

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Benefits of NVIDIA GRID for IT:

  • Leverage industry-leading virtualization solutions, including Citrix, Microsoft and VMware
  • Add your most graphics-intensive users to your virtual solutions
  • Improve the productivity of all users
  • Delivers graphics-intensive applications over the network to 8 concurrent users

Benefits of NVIDIA Tesla IT from BEKServer:

  • Achieve results FASTER
  • ECC protection for uncompromised data reliability
  • Zero error tolerance on stress testing
  • Cluster management and GPU monitoring software
  • 3 year Data center warranty
  • HPC expertise in pre-sales and post-sales support

No GPU vs GPU Comparison

See the difference in performance between a VMware server without a GPU and one with NVIDIA’s GRID GPU