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Besides changing nameservers for each and every domain in your management panel, you can easily create your own nameservers ( right from within the management panel.

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BEK Server Web Services automatically renews your domain so you don’t lose it! If you have multiple domains, it can be easy to forget the renewal period. BEK Server Web Services automates this process so you can keep focused on your web-based business!

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BEK Server Web Services locks all of your domains by default. This prevents unauthorized changes or domain hijacking.

TLDs available for registration:


.asia .biz .com .de .uk .info .eu .in .accountants .actor .attorney .auction .audio .bar .beer .berlin .bid .blackfriday .blue .build .buzz .bz .ca .capetown .career .casa .cc .christmas .click .club .cn .co .consulting .cooking .country .credit .creditcard .cricket .dance .degree .democrat .dentist .desi .diet .durban .energy .engineer .es .fashion .fishing .flowers .forsale .futbol .garden .gift .global .green .guitars .haus .help .hiphop .horse .host .hosting .immobilien .ink .investments .jobs .joburg .juegos .kaufen .kim .la .lawyer .link .loans .london .luxury .market .me .menu .mn .mobi .moda .mortgage .name .net .ninja .nl .nyc .ooo .org .party .photo .pics .pictures .pink .press .pro .property .pub .pw .quebec .red .rest .reviews .rocks .rodeo .ru .sc .science .sexy .shiksha .site .social .software .space .surf .sx .tattoo .tech .tel .tires .tokyo .trade .tv .uno .us .vc .vegas .vodka .wang .webcam .website .wedding .wiki .work .ws .xxx .xyz .email .reisen .equipment .gallery .graphics .lighting .center .management .systems .photography .company .solutions .tips .support .today .technology .directory .photos .international .agency .report .city .education .institute .exposed .supplies .supply .gratis .schule .business .network .lease .ventures .holdings .codes .limo .viajes .diamonds .voyage .careers .recipes .university .dating .partners .holiday .financial .expert .cruises .flights .villas .clinic .surgery .dental .tienda .condos .maison .capital .engineering .finance .insure .claims .coach .memorial .tax .fund .furniture .healthcare .restaurant .pizza .legal .delivery .fish .associates .media .singles .bike .vision .farm .cab .domains .plumbing .guru .clothing .camera .estate .watch .academy .computer .world .toys .enterprises .construction .contractors .kitchen .land .events .marketing .shoes .builders .town .training .rentals .productions .gripe .bargains .boutique .coffee .wtf .fail .florist .camp .glass .repair .house .solar .limited .community .catering .cards .cheap .zone .cool .works .vacations .foundation .cleaning .care .properties .tools .industries .parts .services .exchange .digital .direct .place .deals .cash .discount .fitness .church .life .guide .gifts .immo .money .fit .sale .soy .video .golf .tours .plus .adult .black .porn .design


Make sure you domain name is registered with the relevant TLDs to boost the business impression, prestige and ultimately, visibility in search engines such as Google.