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Why we are different

A Wealth of Experience
We have seen it, done it. For more than a decade we've been fulfilling customer requests around hosting solutions - learning, building, growing. We aren't a bedroom business that can change ownership at any time - we're a long standing hosting company backed by a large public group and have stood the test of time.
End to End Control
From the ground up (to the cloud!), we take complete ownership of your whole solution. No third parties to deal with, no middle-men; no other costs in the chain. This reduces our overheads, which reduces your costs and further reduces your administrative burden as you have a single point of contact for all aspects of your services.
Innovation drives Automation
We focus on automation to ensure our staff deliver real value and our systems deliver convenience. We strive to automate processes to put customers more in control, giving you greater flexibility. Our Control Center system is unrivalled in the industry and represents over a decade of innovation.
We're always here
Contact us via Ticket or telephone on a 24x7 basis, all year round, and be safe in the knowledge that you're dealing with one company for your hosting needs.
Serious Solutions from an SME
Being part of a group specialising in managed hosting, the BEK Server brand benefits from more corporate features. Our ISO 27001 and 9001 accreditations aren't found amongst other providers. We are financially audited and, as a publically listed company, FSA regulated too - you can be confident in our long term investment strategies. and know you have a life long hosting partner.
Elite Staff
Our size attracts high quality staff that want to be a part of a highly successful business in a fast-paced industry. Quality staff promote quality service.
Size is a Strength
As a subsidiary of a large group we have access to greater buying power, which drives our major costs down - hardware, bandwidth, and power.
A true, Germany-based 24x7x365 service
We do not sacrifice on support and adopt a complete no-compromise approach to service quality. We have a true 24x7x365 support presence, all of which is Germany-based. You've told us that localised support matters to you, and we won't outsource it.
99.9% Uptime

Many web sites still in infancy

Servers Control panel

Reboot, Re-OS and VNC Control

Optimized Software

All software we install on our machines is optimized for speed.

Advanced Security

Many web sites still in infancy

End to End Control

We own all of our facilities and the infrastructure in them.

24×7/365 Support

Many web sites still in infancy

cPanel Control Panel

Many web sites still in infancy

14 Day Money-back

Many web sites still in infancy

Green like BEK...

We've invested in Wind Energy to help offset server emissions.

NEED HELP? Call our support 24/7 at +49 (831) 20596498 or Ticket